Groenland will participate in the Circular Plastics Alliance

Groenland will participate in the Circular Plastics Alliance. Circular Plastics Alliance is a close partnership of a wide range of companies active in different industries. In this way, the company wants to take further steps in the field of recycling and discover new possibilities to convert waste into new products. Groenland B.V. facilitates various floriculture companies, including Celieplant, Bouquetnet, Bloominess and Spira (Sweden). It is not without reason that Groenland has the slogan “the courage to grow green”. The company stands for innovative and ecologically responsible entrepreneurship. In other words, take a critical look at the impact on people and the environment in all choices. This can also be seen in the sustainable steps that Groenland has already realized.

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The Groenland companies have currently reduced plastics by more than 50%, among other things by recycling residual materials, using thinner flower foil and by eliminating transport packaging. Groenland considers it important to include all of its staff, customers and suppliers. “Only then can you complete the circle.”

Circular Plastics stimulates the reuse of plastic raw materials and products within a closed loop. An European-wide collection system and modern techniques developed by Circular Plastics guarantee continuous recycling and reuse of plastic in a closed loop. Strong partners are needed to tackle this on a large scale.

As a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Groenland hopes to achieve the common goals in the field of recycling and plastic saving and further steps can be taken in the field of recycling.

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