Groenland launches e-commerce company e•bloom

E•bloom, is the new sustainable e-commerce company from Groenland. e•bloom responds to market needs and the growing (online) playing field both independently and in collaboration with the Groenland companies.

B2C and B2B
e•bloom is designed to fully meet the need for online flowers and plants among consumers and businesses. Design, purchasing, production, technology, fulfillment and logistics all take place in and from Aalsmeer.

e•bloom has three main pillars (in no particular order):

  1. e•.bloom your own label; a brand that focuses on the end consumer. A label where products are developed with the aim of testing and assessing them.
  2. A B2B approach in which companies and institutions are offered online interpretation and support in various ways.
  3. E-fulfillment; e•bloom supports companies and players within the (cut) flower and plant sector with the fulfillment and logistics part of its sales.

e•bloom follows the green and conscious character of Groenland B.V. and is constantly looking to improve the process, the product and the method of production. Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand at e•bloom. In the near future, e•bloom will launch new products and services that further support the green character, in addition to its current sustainability projects.

Ready for the future
e•bloom focuses on the European market. Co-founders Menno Boermans and Femke van Aalst have been able to build a team with specialists in the field of online, fulfillment and production as ultimately responsible parties.

John Celie, director of Greenland: “With e•bloom we are ready for the next e-commerce step within our company. We can now also fully and professionally support and unburden our customers in this area. We believe, partly due to the current developments in e-commerce and e-fulfillment, that this need will only increase .”‘

For more information about e•bloom, visit the B2C website: and B2B website: You can find the corporate video here.

*): E • bloom refers directly to e • bloom building sustainable partnerships BV.

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