Fairtrade Award for Groenland

On 12 May, John Celie, CEO of Groenland B.V., received the Fairtrade Award on behalf of the Fairtrade municipality of Aalsmeer.

Because our companies are sustainable and take care of social entrepreneurship, the Fairtrade Award has been presented to John. We always consider the impact of the decisions on people and the environment with the aim of laying a sustainable foundation for the future. This is reflected in the sustainable buildings with, among other things, solar panels and water and waste recycling, the use of Fairtrade products, attention for the staff (for example, a gym is located indoors where employees can follow 1 on 1 personal training) and the local involvement through the support of various local causes (more information can be found via: people & environment).

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are also important to John. These are seventeen goals to make the world a better place by 2030. The SDGs have been agreed by the countries that are members of the United Nations (UN), including the Netherlands. The goals were based on global input from organizations and individuals.

The Sustainable Development Goals started in 2015 and will run until 2030. They are a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. In order to use products with the Fairtrade quality mark, ten of these goals are being worked on.

The Fairtrade Award has been presented by the Fairtrade municipality of Aalsmeer. More information can be found on the website at www.fairtradegemeenteaalsmeer.nl.

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